Matt Mccourt Photography and digital art

Ive always loved taking photos it is much easier these days no film developing! and painting and after i learned how photoshp opened up a whole new outlet. Debbi gave me a copy of photoshop in 1997 and told me this will change your life ( learning how to build computers a few years before was the first part and publising a glossy magazine called channel 69 in 1991, I had written for many music magazines aroun d the world in the 1980's and later after, Two Louies local music rag with Buko, now i needed to get cd cover art done and had no money no budget and after the arguments on what my vision should be with several graphic artists i was convinced that the only thing THEY had on me was knowing how to use a simple software program * But in 1991 it was very new

I took to it and like everything else ,, i obsessed and learned quickly neccessity has always been my motivation and i really hate waiting for others time is a foe of mine after digital photogrpahy came with phones i started shooting everytign that caught my eye and a by product of producing video or having themeans to capture a pic instantly,helps you NOTICE the beauty of our world that i may have previously only saved to my memory,,

to be continued under construction (jun 23 2020)